Products and Solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

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Smart factories are an important part of the Internet of Things (IoT).  The term IoT describes the technologies that connect objects—from consumer electronics to industrial components—to the internet.  Meanwhile, the Industrial Internet of Things (or IIoT) refers specifically to the impact of this innovation on industrial applications.

IIoT technologies together create “smart” networks.  A smart factory provides plant managers with remote access to wirelessly-connected machines—as well as access to a wealth of data on the operation of those machines—by automating the communication between industrial automation equipment and systems. 

Benefits of Industry 4.0 Technology

Make Better, Data-Driven Decisions

Visibility into the operational status of machine components (both historically and in real-time) allows plant managers to remotely monitor and diagnose systems quickly, as well as identify and resolve problems before the impact on machine availability and productivity compounds.

Maximize Machine Uptime

Predictive analytics allows for more accurate planning of machine maintenance, which can help reduce machine downtime, increase mean time between failure (MTBF), and reduce costs of unnecessary preventative maintenance and spare parts inventory.

Increase Productivity

Interconnectivity enables seamless communication among machines, components, and people.  It also increases efficiency by allowing for more autonomous machine performance and streamlined manual processes.

Smart Manufacturing Solutions from Banner

Overall, the increased visibility, analytics, and interconnectivity afforded by IIoT mean that these technologies are not just short-term investments or solutions to immediate problems. Rather, they enable continuous improvement by providing companies with the capabilities necessary to solve new problems as they arise—compounding the value of the investment over time.

Banner offers a variety of smart sensors, controllers, and lighting products that help manufacturers increase productivity and make better, data-driven business decisions. 

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The Smart Factory is Here: IIoT Capabilities for Manufacturers

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  1. This photoelectric sensor solves many challenging applications and comes in a rugged IP69K rating with FDA food grade stainless steel casing.

  2. All purpose photoelectric sensor with universal housing design and 18 mm threaded barrel is an ideal replacement for hundreds of other sensor styles.

  3. Fiber amplifier with IO-Link capability ideal for general purpose and error proofing. Has simple set-up and configuration. Output: NPN or PNP.

  4. Fiber amplifier with IO-Link capability for high speed (10 μs) for applications like part counting or registration mark detection. Output: NPN or PNP.

  5. Fiber amplifier with IO-Link capability for detection up to 6 m, precise positioning, and water detection. Output: analog, discrete, dual discrete.

  6. High-performance LTF Series Sensors detect targets regardless of color, material or sheen from up to 24 meters away, straight-on or at an angle.

  7. LE's measurement accuracy, ready to measure distances of 100 to 1000 mm, is suitable for controlling, sorting, and inspection tasks in quality control.

  8. EZ-ARRAY light screens excel at high-speed, precise process monitoring and inspection, profiling and web-guiding applications with simple installation.

  9. LED tower light indicators are highly visible and simple to install with no assembly required. Display up to 7 colors. Available with IO-Link.

  10. The DXM controller series integrates Banner's wireless radio, cellular and Ethernet connectivity, and local I/O to provide a platform for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

  11. Sure Cross® Q45 Photoelectric Sensors combine a sensor, wireless node, and an internal battery in a single device, making it easy to solve challenging factory applications or add sensing to existing industrial systems.

  12. The QM42VT Vibration and Temperature Sensor makes it easy to monitor a machine's health. It measures RMS velocity and temperature so that problems can be detected before they become too severe and cause additional damage or result in unplanned downtime.

  13. Sure Cross® Temperature and Humidity Sensors work in a variety of environments to provide temperature and humidity measurements. Used with Sure Cross Wireless Radios, these sensors make it easy to monitor environmental conditions without costly wiring runs to monitoring points.

  14. The K50U ultrasonic sensor makes it easy to monitor mobile and remotely located tanks and totes.

  15. Wireless FlexPower Node with internal battery designed for object or vehicle detection.

  16. FlexPower Node with internal battery designed for vehicle detection.

  17. An autonomous wireless Node that enables two-way communication between an operator and up to six remote and/or mobile devices.

  18. TL70 Modular Tower Light is bigger, brighter and can be ordered as modular segments or pre-assembled. Wireless TL70 Tower Lights combine Banner's popular Tower Light family with its reliable, field proven, SureCross wireless architecture.

  19. Wireless K70 Indicators are bright, multicolored indicators with a 70 mm dome and offering increased communication possibilities and greater versatility in deployment.

  20. The EZ-LIGHT K70 touch button is a large, easy to activate solid state switch and high visibility indicator. Touch buttons in this series are ideal for use in pick-to-light, call button and general industrial applications.

  21. Create point-to-multi point networks that distribute I/O over large areas. Input and output types include discrete (dry contact, PNP/NPN), analog (0 to 10 V dc, 0 to 20 mA), temperature (thermocouple and RTD), and pulse counter.

  22. MultiHop Modbus Data Radios extend the range of Modbus or other serial communication networks. Each radio may be set to act as either a master, repeater or slave. Models are available with built in discrete and analog I/O, which can be accessed using the Modbus protocol.

  23. An I/O radio network that combines long range line-of-sight coverage with ease of deployment and use. The PM2 Series has four sourcing discrete inputs, four sourcing discrete outputs, two analog inputs and two analog outputs in both the Gateway and the Node.

  24. Sure Cross® MultiHop Serial Data Radios are wireless industrial communication devices used to extend the range of serial communication networks.

  25. Sure Cross® MultiHop Ethernet Data Radios are wireless industrial communication devices used to create point to multipoint configurations of wireless Ethernet networks.