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Advanced barcode reading capabilities for advanced traceability in a compact, rugged package. Banner's barcode readers also feature Ethernet communications.

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  1. TCNM Series Laser Barcode Scanner

    Able to decode over a dozen common linear barcode symbols, the TCNM barcode scanner provides fast read rates, wide depth of field, & high resolution.

  2. iVu BCR Series Barcode Reader

    The iVu BCR barcode reader offers advanced barcode reading in a compact, rugged housing with integrated and remote touch screen for ease-of-use.

  3. PresencePLUS P4 Series Barcode Reader

    Compact, one piece barcode reader decodes advanced 2D and 1D linear barcodes. Includes remote teach, configurable I/Os, live video and communications.

  4. PresencePLUS PROII Series Barcode Controller

    One part of a two piece system with a complete suite of location, inspection and analysis tools can be used simultaneously for inspecting multiple features and solving complex applications.

  5. TCNM-ST Series Laser Barcode Scanner

    TCNM-ST series high-performance bar code reads exactly what should be printed on the package, applicable in many fields of logistics, medicine, electronics, automotive and launched.