Key Benefits

Flexibility with Pro Editor Customization

Easily customize touch buttons with a wide variety of color and animation options.  In addition, give your machine more flexibility with additional features like adjustable touch sensitivity, which allows users to optimize sensitivity levels to avoid false trips in washdown areas. 

Reliable Operation in a Wide Variety of Environments

The rugged IP69K design means reliable actuation in a variety of conditions, including harsh environments. The touch buttons operate in wet or dry environments and with gloved or bare hands. Models made with FDA-approved materials are available for use in the food and beverage industries.

Increase Production Efficiency

Thanks to a wide range of colors and animations, each change in status or step in a process can be assigned its own unique color or animation. This helps users learn and interpret signals quickly and make fewer errors, saving time and money. 

Streamline Your Supply Chain

K50 Pro touch buttons can be programmed in the field with Pro Editor software to meet the needs of any application. Users can standardize on the K50 Pro Series, reducing inventory requirements.


Due to its ruggedness and adjustable touch-sensitivity, the K50 Pro touch button operates reliably in a wide variety of settings and applications such as:

  • Pick-to-light and manual assembly
  • Error proofing
  • Call button
  • Food and beverage applications
  • Wet and high-pressure washdown environments
For More Information

K50 Pro 系列 50 毫米可编程多色触摸按钮
K50 Pro 系列 50 毫米可编程多色触摸按钮

K50 Pro 可编程多色触摸按钮提供独特的指示,并与 Pro Editor 软件兼容。K50 Pro 触摸按钮坚固耐用,适用于各种环境。

用于指示灯产品的Pro Editor软件
Pro Editor 软件

使用Pro Editor软件,您可以轻松自定义具有各种颜色和动画类型的指示灯。 该软件允许用户在现场编程自己的设备,而无需IO-Link。