BSP02 Basic Module

BSP02 Programmable Logic Controller
Banner new generation of high speed, high-performance small PLC, BSP02 Programmable Logic Controller Series. For small-scale general-purpose small PLC control devices, a plurality of communication ports, different ports can be formed by the corresponding network architecture, can be directly connected with the computer through the USB communication port, high-speed counter includes a positioning control pulse output (linear interpolation up, circular interpolation, etc.), the instruction execution speed faster (basic command speed: 0.18μS), expandable up to a maximum 384-point digital input \ output, 56-channel analog input, analog output channel 8.
  • For stand-alone automated small PLC.
  • Faster execution speed: 0.18us / step (ANB)
  • More application instructions: 165 kinds
  • Greater IO expansion: 384
  • Higher pulse output: 200kHz
  • Faster single, two-phase high-speed counter: 200kHz
  • Support linear interpolation, circular interpolation
  • More communication interfaces: PG, USB, RS485, Modbus and Profibus DP, DevicNet and TCP / IP
  • Full range of 90mm height design, in line with medium / small PLC trend
  • Application of the instruction execution speed, the basic command speed: 0.18us / step (ANB)
  • Program capacity; Program Memory Size: 4 ~ 24K steps
  • Scalable multi-points, expandable up to 384 points
  • It has powerful calendar, PWM, RUN / STOP switch, the flash memory, scalability, A / D, D / A, etc.
  • Expansion card types: 485BD, 232BD, COBD, ENBD, RTCBD, AIBD, AOBD, MABD, CAMBD the like, can be expanded digital I / O, analog AD / DA, communication module
  • 200KHz high-speed pulse output functions, simple control of the servo drive stepper
  • The maximum frequency of 200KHz (BSP02-3) high-speed counter, comprising a single, duplex high-speed counter interrupt input function, so that the pulse encoder more precise control of the input signal
  • Support linear interpolation (BSP02-2 / BSP02-3), circular interpolation (BSP02-3)
  • Multiple communication ports (PG, USB, RS485 communication port and expansion cards, etc.), with a variety of communication functions can be arbitrarily choose one, constitute network infrastructure. Wherein PG and USB communications program to do the writing function PC interface connection
  • Computer connection: a computer can control up to 255 BSP02. You may connect to the host computer, direct replacement of the different programs into the PLC user
  • Provided MODBUS (RTU mode only) protocol to establish communication with the inverter, touch screen
  • Support MODBUS (RTU mode only), TCP / IP, CANopen and other communication protocols

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BSP02 instruction set
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BSP02 Software V0.9D

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