Vehicle Detection

The ability to reliably detect vehicles offers significant advantages for asset management, resource allocation, site safety and traffic control. Application needs and deployment requirements can be diverse, ranging from indoor, outdoor and partially protected deployments to in-ground, above-ground, and on-the-vehicle installations.

Vehicle detection solutions from Banner Engineering utilize a range of sensing technologies to overcome these challenges and can be used with our wireless products to simplify deployments in large areas or where wired infrastructure is not practical or cost-effective. Our vehicle detection solutions are ideal for port machinerytraffic and parking, and mobile equipment industries.

Parking Ramp Monitoring
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Forklift unloading and container stack in yard cargo shipping.
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The ability to reliably detect vehicles offers significant advantages for asset management, resource allocation, site safety and traffic control.

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  1. Delivery Vehicle Detection with Indication in Warehouse

    Vehicle detection at loading docks is complicated because sensing solutions are exposed to the elements and need to recognize a wide variety of surfaces. Rugged ultrasonic sensors work well to accurately detect the surfaces of delivery vehicles regardless of the material. Pairing with bright LED indication creates unmistakable operator guidance.

  2. Loading Dock and Mobile Pick-Up Solution Guide

    Using K50U ultrasonic sensors and Q45U wireless nodes paired to a DXM100 wireless controller, we can develop a wireless monitoring system for multiple tank level measurements that is easy to set up, interpret the results, and monitor locally through a cloud-based system.

  3. Shopping Center Directs Vehicles to Available Parking [Success Story]

    A large retail shopping center reduced vehicle congestion, customer aggravation and drive-offs using wireless sensors.

  4. Measuring Turnout Time During Emergencies [Success Story]

    Sensor solutions to add vehicle detection to Fire Department dispatch and reporting systems.

  5. Electric Vehicle Detection at Charging Stations

    Sensor solution to identify correct cars are parked at charging stations, alert officers.

  6. Monitoring Traffic and Collision Avoidance of Ships at a Harbor

    Sensor solution required very long sensing range in a harsh weather conditions to monitor ships in ports.

  7. Vehicle Detection at Gated Community Exit

    Wireless sensor solution to detect cars and automatically open gate in a gated community.

  8. Large Vehicle Detection at an Outdoor Loading Dock

    Wireless solution to detect presence of vehicle using a long sensing range.

  9. Monitoring Railcar Wheels Wirelessly

    Detect the railcar wheels and trigger an axle pushing arm wirelessly.

  10. Vehicle Position in Automatic Car Wash with Extreme Environment

    Detect vehicles as they travel through a car wash. Sensor solution with IP69K-rated housing and infrared light to burn through mist and steam.

  11. Train Detection in Tunnels

    Sensing solution for detecting trains in tunnels with high winds, dust, dirt, and debris.

  12. STS Collision Avoidance

    Sensing solution to detect cranes and warn operators of impending danger, preventing crane collisions.

  13. Delivery Truck Detection at an Outdoor Loading Dock

    Automated solution to help alert workers of a delivery truck's arrival through the use of shifts in magnetic fields.

  14. Car Wash Status Indication Inside Washing Area

    Sensor solution for bright indication inside a car wash, communicating various stages of the wash cycle.

  15. Loading Dock Sensor Monitoring and Indication of Truck's Presence

    Sensor solution to signal the presence of a truck at a dock door with bright illumination.

  16. Vehicle Detection in a Self-Serve Car Wash

    Solution to wirelessly detecting the entry and exit of cars in a car wash to reset a timer.

  17. Remote Train Car Detection for Train Yard Mashalling

    Wireless monitoring solution ssed at various points in a train yard to control direction of train cars.

  18. Object Detection on a Flat-Bed Trailer

    Solution to closely monitor materials that are loaded onto a flat-bed trailer, immune to weather and light changes.

  19. Radar Based Collision Avoidance in Mining Environments [Success Story]

    Sensor solution for blind spot object detection for large vehicles, alerting operators with time to respond.

  20. Rubber Tire Gantry (RTG) Collision Avoidance

    Since RTG cranes are hauling such large loads, it is vital to ensure they move safely throughout the port area to avoid collisions. A sensing solution is needed to effectively implement collision avoidance for port cranes.