BMD-ALS Series Frequency Converter

Frequency Converter BMD-A

BMD-ALS series economical frequency converter, compact shape, stable performance, strong control characteristics. There are single-phase 110V, single-phase 220v, three-phase 220v, three-phase 380v machine types, 0.2~11kW power range, can be applied to a conveyor belt, textile, food packaging machine, a simple fan, and water pump control.

  • Control Mode:V/F Control + SLV control
  • Output frequency range:0-599Hz,8 speeds
  • Automatic torque compensation
  • The panel has its own knob
  • Built-in PID control
  • Integrated RS485 (Modbus)
  • Standard built-in BACnet communication protocol
  • Through the Gateway, can connect Profibus/Devicenet/CANopen/Ethernet (TCP/IP)
  • Automatic carrier frequency control
  • Compact and easy to install, can be installed side by side
  • PCB with coating can improve the reliability of inverter in harsh environment
  • Motor overheating protection, effectively protect the motor
  • Protection level: IP20

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