Frequency Converter

Banner frequency converter with 380V, 220V and 110V voltages of different products, from 0.2KW to 500KW power range, with high precision torque control current vector and can be widely used in various fields of factory automation and process automation.

  1. BMD-B (B/BV/BT) series frequency converter offers maximum power reaching as high as 500 kW, with high proficiency of current vector control and torque control. Banner's BMD-B series can be applied in a wide range of fields of factory automation and process automation, providing powerful, integrated, and flexible solutions.

  2. BMD-ALS series economical frequency converter, compact shape, stable performance, strong control characteristics. There are single-phase 110V, single-phase 220v, three-phase 220v, three-phase 380v machine types, 0.2~11kW power range, can be applied to a conveyor belt, textile, food packaging machine, a simple fan, and water pump control.