BMD-B/BV/BT Series Frequency Converter


BMD-B(B/BV/BT) series frequency converter offers maximum power reaching as high as 500 kW, with high proficiency of current vector control and torque control. Banner's BMD-B series can be applied in a wide range of fields of factory automation and process automation, providing powerful, integrated, and flexible solutions.

  • Multi-control modes:Open-loop voltage vector control、open loop current vector control、closed loop current vector control
  • Output frequency range:0-300Hz, 23 speeds(BMD-B 16speeds)
  • Speed adjustment range:1:100 (open loop voltage vector control), 1:200 (open loop current vector control), 1:1000 (closed loop current vector control)
  • Speed stabilization precision:±0.5% (open loop voltage vector control), ±0.2% (open loop current vector control), ±0.02% (closed loop current vector control)
  • Torque precision: ±5% (open loop current vector control), ±5% (closed loop current vector control)
  • Startup torque: 180%/0.5Hz (open loop voltage vector control), 180%/0.25Hz (open loop current vector control), 180%/0.00Hz(closed loop current vector control)
  • Overload capacity: 150%/1 min,180%/10s,200%/0.5s
  • Built-in PID control
  • Shared DC bus
  • Out-drawable operating panel
  • Integrated RS485 (ModbusRTU)
  • Independent duct, which supports the installation of heatsink outside the cabinet
  • Protection level: IP20

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