K50 Pro Touch Button with Vibration Feedback

K50 Pro touch buttons with vibration feedback are the latest extension of Banner’s most popular touch button family. The new touch buttons offer the same bright light output, ergonomic touch functionality, and robust housing as the rest of the line, with the addition of vibration feedback when the button has been touched. 

Note that vibration feedback is only available for domed models of K50 Pro touch buttons (both standard and FDA-grade). 

Key Benefits

Unmistakable Touch Confirmation

Vibration provides unmistakable feedback that the button has been touched. Touch buttons with vibration feedback are ideal for users who prefer the tactile response of mechanical buttons over the primarily visual response of traditional capacitive touch buttons.

Faster Response Times

Vibration feedback increases efficiency by quickly capturing the operator’s attention and enabling faster responses to accidental or mistaken touches. For example, in pick-to-light applications, vibration feedback can indicate an incorrect pick, immediately alerting operators to the mistake even if they are not looking directly at the button for visual confirmation.

Easy Pro Editor or IO-Link Configuration

Depending on the model, K50 Pro touch buttons with vibration feedback are easy to configure using either IO-Link or the intuitive, PC-based Pro Editor software. When a 1- or 2-color flash animation is defined, users can also define a vibration pattern that follows the same pattern as the flash, or they can choose from several predefined vibration patterns including Normal, Strobe, Three Pulse, SOS, or Random. In addition, vibration pattern speed can be set to slow, standard, or fast. 

For More Information

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