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  1. IIoT solutions from Banner Engineering provide companies with greater visibility into their operations by enabling access to critical performance and production data, making it easy to solve problems, identify trends, and make better, data driven decisions.

  2. SI-RF safety switches provide the highest level of safety, are easy-to-use, and can be monitored and diagnosed remotely to help maximize machine uptime.

  3. Compact and easy-to-deploy, SX5 Series safety laser scanners protect personnel, equipment, and mobile systems within a user-defined area. They continuously scan a 275° area to create a two-dimensional protected zone that must be crossed to reach the hazard.

  4. Watch the video to learn how the versatile PTL110 Series pick-to-light indicator can perform multiple functions and create a powerful picking station.

  5. The Q5X sensor solves the most challenging distance-based applications, from 9.5 cm to 2 meters away, even at acute angles. Watch the video to learn more.

  6. The ABR Series is a line of imager-based barcode readers that offer superior decoding capabilities to solve the broadest range of track and trace applications. Watch the video to learn more about these powerful barcode readers.

  7. There are many different technologies that can be used to solve vehicle detection applications. Banner Engineering can help you identify the right technology for your unique application. Watch the video to learn more about vehicle detection solutions from Banner.

  8. Banner Engineering offers a complete portfolio of tower lights--for your simplest to your most advanced indication requirements. Watch the video to learn more about our capabilities for machine status indication.

  9. The LM offers best in class performance with increased stability, reliability and precision for real-world targets. With the introduction of the LM, Banner has developed the optional Remote Sensor Display (RSD) for simplified sensor set up, recipe control, and configuration storage. Watch the video to learn more.

  10. The HLS27 Hazardous Location LED Strip Lights function in Division 2 hazardous locations without sacrificing brilliant, even illumination. They have sturdy aluminum housing and are encased in a shatterproof polycarbonate shell, ideal for harsh indoor and outdoor applications. Watch the video to learn more about the rugged single- and dual-color HLS27 strip lights.

  11. S22 Pro Series touch buttons and indicators provide bright, multicolor indication and can be programmed with a wide variety of pre-defined color and animation options using the Pro Editor Software. Watch the video to learn more.

  12. Learn how adding a wireless communication segment to your existing TL70 tower light can turn a standard indicator into a data-gathering hub for IIoT applications.

  13. Learn about Banner's compact type 4 safety light curtains with a small profile for tight spaces, available in both basic and full-featured models.

  14. Learn about the new multicolor LED strip lights with EZ-STATUS® for illumination and indication in one device. Add versatility to lighting applications with a simple lighting device.

  15. The T18-2 Series, the next generation of the popular T18 Series, was designed to withstand harsh, washdown environments. Learn how the rugged plastic T18-2 sensors work for extreme applications.

  16. Learn how to set-up the XS safety controller to work with a mute arm kit and LS safety light curtain. Banner’s pre-assembled mute arm kits are available in L, T and X configurations as a plug-n-play solution for end of line packaging applications.

  17. iVu Series vision sensors combine the simplicity of a photoelectric sensor with the intelligence of a smart camera. They can be used to monitor parts for type, size, orientation, shape, location, and color or color variations.

  18. A secure wireless solution not only protects your network, it will also ensure both data security and data integrity. Learn how Sure Cross solutions from Banner Engineering keep your network and data safe.

  19. This tutorial will demonstrate how to set up a simple safety system in just a few minutes with the XS26 safety controller software.

  20. Indicator lights are the visual language of machines. However, traditional indicators are limited. Watch the video the see how programmable RGB indication clarifies communication, simplifies your supply chain, and allows you to quickly create custom indication to match your process.

  21. Calculating Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) can help you improve efficiency and productivity. With a wireless system, you can track uptime, validate throughput, monitor quality, and optimize your operation.

  22. There are many advantages of an IO-Link system including increased data availability, remote configuration and monitoring, and advanced diagnostics. Watch the video to learn more!

  23. SGS Safety Grid Systems are cost-effective multiple beam safety light devices for access and long-range perimeter guarding applications.

  24. See how combining easy-to-use safety and indication devices can help keep your operations running smoothly, prevent injury, and make safety more intuitive.

  25. Solve more applications, save inventory costs, and help prevent unplanned downtime with Banner's smart sensor solutions.

  26. Monitor machine health utilizing predictive maintenance by continuously monitoring for vibration and temperature changes.

  27. LS safety light curtains are available with an IP69K hygienic enclosure that resists high-pressure, high-temperature washdown and aggressive chemical cleaning. They are ideal for use in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications where maintaining sanitary conditions is critical.

  28. Banner's new WLS27 Multicolor LED Strip Light with EZ-STATUS™ retains the round, rugged design of the original WLS27 providing a long work life in harsh work environments and washdown areas. Add versatility to your lighting application.

  29. Learn how to improve communication and maintain a steady workflow with Banner Engineering's wireless call for parts solution.

  30. Prevent your operations from being unexpectedly disrupted because of an empty tank with Banner’s tank monitoring solution.

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    Watch the video to see how the WLS15 low profile strip light improves visibility & efficiency and can fit in tight spaces that other lights cannot.

  32. Banner Engineering's second generation K50 and K30 gives you more options for bolder indication with simplified wiring and stock management. Choose between seven colors with a single, rugged model.

  33. 恶劣的工业环境可能缩短任何电子元器件的寿命,这就是我们的产品为何设计为在最严酷的环境下可靠工作的原因。我们的产品经历了严格的过程,可确保实现高标准的进入防护,其防护等级包括IP69K。

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    邦纳全新的防水罩通过将产品防护等级提升到IP69K和Type 4X,来扩展我们的E-Stop按钮可以使用的应用数量。它可为我们的30 mm安装紧急停止按钮提供额外的环境危害防护,同时又不会影响设备启动或可见性。防水罩采用透明的FDA级硅胶材质,并且通过了UL和ECOLAB认证。它采用预安装套件形式提供,可在新安装中或作为独立产品快速部署,是改造现有已安装的紧急停止按钮的理想选择。

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    邦纳的EZ-SCREEN LS是一种简单易用、面向机器安全防护的安全光幕系统,可耐受制造和包装领域常见的恶劣环境。

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    邦纳WLS27 LED条形照明灯拥有坚固的内部铝结构,采用抗震、紫外线稳定的共聚酯外壳,因此是恶劣的室内及室外应用的理想选择。

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    凭借最佳的过量增益、双极PNP和NPN输出、可靠的25-300 mm检测范围以及卓越的环境光免疫,Q4X甚至可以满足最具挑战性、基于距离的部分检测应用的要求。

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    专家级同轴透明物体检测传感器 -可靠地检测透明、半透明或不透明物体 -同轴光,检测可靠且无盲区 -轻轻一按即可示教设置 -0–3 m范围

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    本视频教程概述了iVu Plus TG视觉传感器,提供了关于用户界面的说明。

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  66. 邦纳提供高温应用的解决方案。

  67. The EZ-LIGHT® TL50 Tower Light Family indicators, including the Standard Tower Light and Beacon Tower Light, are easy to install and provide highly visible operator guidance and equipment status indication.

  68. The PVL is a light array sensor based on retro-reflective technology, designed for pick-to-light factory and warehouse applications.

  69. Solve challenging factory applications or add sensing to existing industrial systems with Banner's Wireless Q45 Sensors.

  70. Banner Engineering offers a complete portfolio of touch buttons for your simplest to most advanced touch requirements. Watch the video to learn more about our capabilities for touch and indication.

  71. Learn how to use the Pro Editor to configure K50 Pro Touch buttons.